Superspar Village Square Wins Superspar Of The Year in the Eastern Cape

A first-time award for the much-loved St Francis Bay store.

St Francis Bay community and Cape St Francis community have been blessed with have the SUPERSPAR Village Square and TOPS as the largest retailer in the area. It seems difficult to imagine a time when the Spar didn’t exist, as it plays such a big part in the resident’s day-to-day lives.

The first thing one notices on entering the Spar is the friendly atmosphere. Possibly one of the most welcoming stores ever, the staff are friendly, approachable and always ready to help with anyone, from the elderly looking for a particular item, to the young children hunting for a specific article of stationery for school.

There is a helpful air about the store as well. The staff members want you to have a pleasant experience, and will walk with you until your question or search has been resolved.

St Francis Bay and surrounds, including Cape St Francis, and The Kromme, is a holiday town, and it becomes extremely busy over holiday season, most notably Christmas time and Easter time. The entire area becomes busy, with restaurants and shops filled to capacity. Richard Moolman and his staff have figured out an extremely efficient system for dealing with the crowds, and the shopping experience during these demanding times is still pleasant and efficient, with stock always available, shelves being refilled every day, and queues kept to a minimum. The hot food section as well as the bakery section is also always well stocked in order to keep everyone happy during these times, and the whole experience is efficient enough for everyone to walk away sometimes surprised that the ease and efficiency of it all.

Richard also sources the very best fresh fruit and vegetable for the Spar, as well as the best meats, all from surrounding farms and further afield if necessary, supporting local whenever possible.

Talking of which, Richard and his team also contribute in many ways to the local community with support to outreach programs in many ways, mostly doing it under the radar, but are staunch supporters of the NSRI. They are also involved in local soup kitchens, and always get involved when there is a local fundraising need.

From relatively small beginnings within a relatively small community, the Superspar Village Square has grown along with the village over the last 11 years, and has listened to advice and input from local resident and stakeholders.

The expansion of TOPS was another development that was lauded and appreciated by locals, with the extended wine list availability as well as the regular wine tasting evenings that Richard and the Spar hosts.

Bean Tree Café is also a focal point for the community and for shoppers, with many people stopping for a quick coffee and a chat before work, or during the day for a quick chat and a catch-up with friends, of just for a quick pick-me-up during busy times.

“As the Village Square family we have a philosophy and culture of exceptional service delivery to our customers,” said Richard in a News24 article recently. “Putting on your Spar uniform in the morning means that you are not going to work, but to be with family members for the day.”

“Our staff all mean a lot to us,” he added. “We believe in not only trading in the community, but becoming a part of the community.”

Local residents and visitors from all over the country heaped praises on the Spar via their facebook Page, expressing their appreciation for the store and the manner and style with which the deal with customers, with many calling for it being the ‘best Spar in the country.’ There were 173 likes an 62 comments gushing praises on Richard and Joha Moolman, the husband and wife team behind the Spar, and they both were surprised and touched by the warmth and fondness behind many of the comments.

This award might be for the first of this magnitude for the Moolmans and the rest of the team at SUPERSPAR Village Square, but it definitely won’t be the last.

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